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Geographers visit Carding Mill Valley

04 May 2018

On Tuesday 1 May, Year 8 geographers travelled to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire to carry out river studies. The year group collected their equipment, including ranging poles and clinometers, and set off to their first site. 

A range of methods were carried out to investigate whether significant changes occur as you move downstream. The girls collected data about the width of the river valley, the width and depth of the channel, the speed of the river, the gradient of the river and the roundness of the bed load. The girls had to take care to avoid the sheep and their lambs who were taking a keen interest in their investigations! 

Once the girls had collected data at the upper, middle and lower course sites, there was time to visit the gift shop and enjoy an ice cream. In their upcoming Geography lessons, the girls will process their data, aiming to prove or disprove their hypotheses; these are essential geographical skills that the girls will use throughout the rest of their studies of the subject.

A great day was had by all, we look forward to returning to Carding Mill Valley soon!

Miss Massey 

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