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Out of this World Discovery Den

27 May 2022

This week the girls in Westbourne have enjoyed an ‘out of this world’ experience in the Discovery Den where the theme has been all about space.  

One activity was for the girls to experience life as an astronaut, by dressing up in costumes and blasting off to space in cardboard rockets. They travelled very bravely into the unknown after making a list of the top ten things they would take into space with them.

Girls were also able to utilise small world play spaceships and aliens to make stars, rings for Saturn and asteroids from playdough.  They enjoyed the hands on experience.

There was an opportunity to learn facts about the planets, including the order in which they are from the sun and they were able to demonstrate this with a practical activity.

One final aspect of the beyond the curriculum experience they really enjoyed was finding out about what food in space may be like for the astronauts and by tasting freeze-dried ice cream.

The girls are definitely ready to travel ‘to infinity and beyond!’

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