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Puppeteers in the Making

10 June 2022

Major Mustard the puppeteer visited Edgbaston High School and the Year 1 girls this week. The girls enjoyed watching his puppet show in the morning and seeing all the different types of puppets that Major Mustard makes from recycled materials. 

Major Mustard demonstrated to the girls how to make their own puppet out of junk materials. They returned excitedly to their classrooms where their creations began. We had dogs, cats, flying owls and princesses, among just a few of the designs the girls created. The girls thoroughly enjoyed making their puppets and getting messy in the process! 

In the afternoon, the girls completed their designs and then went to a puppet workshop where Major Mustard showed them how to bring their puppets to life through use of voices and actions. 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day during which they used many different skills. A huge thank you to Major and Mrs Mustard for visiting our school and giving the girls such an invaluable experience. 

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