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13 May 2022

In Nursery this week the study of squares and cubes has given the girls much to think about.  They have created collage pictures to consider different sizes of 2D shapes and have painted with ice-cubes and decorated and constructed 3D cube nets.  They have further developed their fine and gross physical skills playing skittles and using paint sticks to ‘paint nails’ with care and attention to detail.

The girls in Kindergarten have been focusing on the letter ‘u’.  They have used umbrellas in the outdoor classroom and have tested materials to consider which are most suitable to make the best umbrellas to protect them from the rain.  They have also created wax resist pictures and unicorn images by printing their feet.  The story of the Ugly Duckling gave Kindergarten opportunity to explore how the duckling felt throughout the story and Aliens Love Underpants book made them laugh.  
The girls have been considering the future too by thinking about what they might want to be when they grow up.  They have looked at different jobs and professions and the skills and equipment that people might require. 

Shapes have been further explored by the girls in Reception. They folded square pieces of paper to make rectangles, diamonds and triangles and then used circles to make semi-circles. With much delight one of the girls suggested making a cone from this shape, which consequently became party hats!  They were amazed at what they could make and find from two original shapes!

As part of their topic on Creatures Great and Small the girls have studied the story of The Pig in the Pond by Martin Waddell. They talked about the characters that appear and were then able to write out the story themselves.

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