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27 May 2022

This week, Westbourne started with thinking about people who help us, in particular, the police. We thought about all the things they do to keep us safe.

In Nursery, girls have been consolidating their work on shape to date and have added pentagons, hexagons and octagons to their list.  As part of their learning they have drawn round shapes in foam, using their fingers and on long runners on the floor.  They have made pictures out of 2D shapes and have built structures out of 3D shapes too.
The letter ‘j’ has been the focus in Kindergarten this week which has fitted in well with the school’s celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.  The girls have made royal themed decorations including crowns, medals and finger printed flags.  They enjoyed a Jubilee themed PE lesson and wrote party invitations and cards to the Queen, too.  Their Mathematics lessons had a royal feeling as they counted gems on the crown and played Jubilee dominoes.  Making crown shaped biscuits was a favourite activity with everyone.

Kindergarten girls also enjoyed a visit to Reception ahead of their move in September.  They were pleased to meet girls who are joining us in the New Year too.

In the outdoor area this week, Reception girls looked for different coloured items and explored the natural world around them.  In the classroom, girls worked together to create farm collages.  They discussed what they were going to put in their farm then made animals and buildings out of range of collage items.  Sheep were made from buttons; fences out of match sticks and fishponds out of polystyrene!  

On Wednesday, we held another transition activity.  Reception girls went to visit Year 1 and Year 1 girls came back to their old classroom.  They took great delight in playing with the toys, completing art activities and reading the books in the class library.  The most popular activity was the role-play in the veterinary surgery.

The girls have earned their half term break after such a busy few weeks.

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