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Year 6 Geographers Visit Lapworth Museum

17 June 2022

Do you know your plate boundary from your magma chamber? Year 6 were excited to visit The Lapworth Museum at the University of Birmingham at the end of last week where they took part in a workshop on volcanoes and earthquakes. Extending their knowledge beyond the curriculum, the girls were guided though the geographical processes by an expert geologist from the museum. They were challenged to build a house to withstand an earthquake and had to work as a team to guess different rocks which had all come from different stages of a volcanic eruption. 

In addition, the girls all met Roary the Allosaurus fossil, who lived 155 to 145 million years ago, and took part in a scavenger hunt around the museum. They looked at the precious gems, rocks, ancient fossils and interacted with the active earth display, before enjoying a picnic lunch in the University grounds. 

They all thoroughly enjoyed the morning and look forward to visiting this free local museum with their families again soon. 

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