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A Freudian Trip

17 June 2022

This week Year 12 psychologists travelled down to London for the day. After the train and tube journeys, we finally arrived at the Freud Museum, which is housed in the late Sigmund Freud's beautiful home in Hampstead. 

We began our visit with a talk from the Freudian expert, Stefan, who is currently studying Psychoanalysis (the original talking therapy). He gave us a great insight to the works of Freud and everything he believed in, including the unconscious, the interpretation of dreams, the Freudian slip and the concept of defence mechanisms, which Anna Freud, Freud's daughter, actually came up with! 

After having explored the house where he lived for the last year of his life, including his study with the famous couch, we adventured into the garden where we discussed our views and opinions of the psychodynamic approach. 

We then enjoyed a nice lunch on Hampstead High Street, soaking up the sunshine and the atmosphere of London, before heading back to Euston to catch our train home. 

It was a lovely day that everybody enjoyed. Thank you to the teachers and Stefan for making the day amazing! 

Olivia Smith, Year 12

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