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Excellence Book Summer Term 2016

08 July 2016

The following Senior and Sixth Form girls have been commended for their excellent work during the Summer Term:




Sioned Gill
Jennifer Henery
Emma Khan
Hannah Lait
Bethany Lucas
Hannah Olukoga
Hillery Phillip

Poetry Collection ‘Jagged Jigsaw’
Monologue ‘Red the Colour of Honor’
Music Journalism ‘The Record Shop of my Youth’
Drama script ‘Pull the Trigger’
Fairytale ‘The Elemental Misadventures’
Story ‘Grim, Mot and Quietus’

Story ‘Helpless’


Mia Bentley (8B)
Maria Sharobeem (8J)
Tulasi Thapar

Excellence in English  work on Character Development

Natalia Barrios-Mejia (7J)
Amrit Dhillon (7W)
Megan Hardiman (7SH)
Hermione Hooper (7SH)

Excellence in English

Lucy Atkins (7L)
Tina Bhardwaj (7J)
Tahjai Brown (7W)
Amrit Dhillon (7W)
Alisha Ejaz (7SH)
Layla Foster (7SH)
Marianne Kail (7SH)
Eesher Kalra (7W)
Mehar Khan Khattak (7SH)
Amber Lyttle (7L)
Charlotte Meek (7L)
Amna Nisar (7SH)
Ishani Patel (7L)
Mary Smith-Holmes (7SH)
Hibah Ul-Haq (7J)
Madeleine Vernon (7SH)

Excellent work on their Shakespeare Project.


Gracie McKeever (7L)
Charlotte Meek (7L)
Ria Mistry (7J)
Leen Uraijah (7J)

Excellent presentation skills on work on Bread

Lucy Phillips (8J)

Active Kids get Cooking Awards

Priya Jagpal (8J)
Laila Kika (8J)

Excellent Powerpoint on Indian Food


Lydia Diwaker (9L)

Excellent History Project ‘One Family at War’



Laura Head (9L)

Poster on Medicine

Priya Jagpal (8J)

Roman Villas

Zahra Al-Ani (7SH)
Bella Batkin (7W)
Tanya Dosanjh (7W)
Jessica Gannon (7W)
Hermione Hooper (7SH)
Safaa Mahmood (7W)
Amara McCracken (7SH)

Excellence in Latin Project work

Lucy Atkins (7L)
Asmaa Choksi (7L)
Imogen Crawford (7L)
Noor Haidar (7L)
Linda Hamsho (7L)
Helena Jagpal (7L)
Amber Lyttle (7L)
Vibha Patel (7L)
Lauren Yassen (7L)


Excellence in Latin Scrapbook work



Natasha Carmichael (10K)
Ryanne Fleet (10S)
Risha Karavadra (10R)


Excellent French Speaking Controlled Assessment

Rita Muttalib (8B)

Excellent work in French ‘La Maison de mes Reves’


Mariam Al-Ani (10R)
Ryanne Fleet (10S)
Alice Johnson (10M)
Eryna Kisumba (10M)
Shivani Paw (10R)
Amy Wine (10M)

Excellence in German Controlled Assessments

Lava Yassen (10M)

Excellence in German Speaking


Molly Bhol (10R)
Natasha Carmichael (10L)
Vipanchi Katamaneni

Excellent extended writing


Amreece Mangat (8K)

Superb catch in Rounders

Amy Campbell (8J)
Amelia Crawford (8K)
Ana Curry (8J)
Olivia Gayle (8K)
Freya McGuire (8J)

Sports Officials at Swimming Gala



Nicole Barker (7J)

Excellent Project about Blood Types



Lily Bradshaw (9O)
Ellie Hewison (9L)
Lydia Diwaker (9L)

Excellent work in Textiles – Cut and Slash Bag

Mia Bentley (8B)
Amy Campbell (8J)

Excellent work on a Cushion

Yi Bao (7J)
Bella Batkin (7W)
Megan Hardiman (7SH)
Hermione Hooper (7SH)

Excellent work – making pyjamas


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