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Budding Writers go through to second round

29 April 2016

BBC Radio 2's 500 words competition is one of the most successful story writing competitions in the world and for EHS's budding writers it was the perfect opportunity to showcase their creative writing talents. 

Year 7 and 8 put pen to paper and produced a wide range of funny, frightening and fabulous stories earning themselves a certificate to congratulate them on their original ideas. 

Out of the 123,400 entries received by the BBC, we are very proud to tell you that two of our girls, Bethan Harrison in Year 7 with her mesmerising 'A Memory Watcher' and Rita Muttalib in Year 8 with her tantalising 'A 'Tail' of Two Destinies' made it through to the second round! 

Congratulations to both girls on their great success! Their stories will be available in the school library for all to enjoy. 

Ms G Ajmal

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