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Year 10 Feast on Maths

26 February 2016

The Year 10 Maths Feast is an exciting competition organised by the Further Mathematics Support Programme. Aimed at students in Year 10, it tests mathematical communication and teamwork skills. This year, the event was held on Thursday 11 February at the University of Birmingham.

From EHS, eight girls from Year 10 formed two teams. Together, they worked through the five rounds requiring different skills and strategies, including:

  • Starter – true/false questions included both recreational mathematics and some of a more traditional nature.
  • Amuse – Bouche – Countdown-style questions
  • Main – comprehension round, pupils were given material on complex numbers to study and then given questions to answer (this is a topic from AS Further Mathematics and so was quite challenging!)
  • Dessert – investigation into pentominoes
  • Petits – Fours – relay head to head round

Girls were able to demonstrate that they could react positively to new situations and apply previous knowledge to solve problems.

Thank you to Mr Shipman from the King Edward’s Consortium for accompanying our girls to this event.

Mrs M. Khuttan
Head of Mathematics

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